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 Welcome to GINA GINA


Find a place of peace and love...

GINA GINA, a unique boutique for the special you or friend:

AT GINA GINA our slogan is "Positive living in Sin City" and our motto is "enhance you mind, body, soul and personal environment". GINA GINA is a special place to find products and gifts to enhance your life or that of a friend.

My husband and I are both cancer survivors. So we both understand how important it is to eat, wear and surround ourselves with natural products and properties, keep a positive outlook on life and negate any and all energies that might be negative. At GINA GINA you will find things to help you achieve this in your own life. We believe that the energy you put out is ultimately the energy you will receive back... that is why it is so important to make sure you and your personal environment are in balance with life and nature. I write a blog and post it at the bottom of the home page, there is something for everyone. GINA GINA is not about selling, it is about sharing, I hope you will share me with your friends, family and acquaintances and bring a little bit of positive living to this beautiful world we live in and anyones life you love.

GINA GINA carries product from the islands of the South Pacific to the Desert Southwest, from India to Africa and from right here in the USA. Organic/Natural/Vegan products, Berhru Energy Ornaments, one-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry and gorgeous magnetic therapy jewelry, Cards, Music and many more handmade gifts and products from around the world. There is something for everyone at GINA GINA...


​positive living in sin city . . .